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We are finally live.......... !!

cosy interiors decor accessories decor collections decor styles decor trends home decorating Live at last!

Wow, this has been a seriously long time coming.   Over 2 years in fact !!

That's how long the education / contact building / product sourcing / quality inspecting / (and more) processes have taken, to get to a point where we can deliver real serious value to discerning home decorators. 

Adorned Interiors developed out of a personal experience in trying to pull together a coordinated range of decor for a private residence.   To our surprise, it involved many visits to a large number of interior retailers with 50km radius.   And these trips were often (actually, I should say more-often than not) discouraging. 

We never dreamed that finding a synergic range of accessories could be so hard.

And so, Adorned Interiors began.

Our vision is to create a one-stop source for interior decor, inspiration, trending styles and collections.

Find it hard to visualize what will look good with what ?   Our evolving collections are promoted to make that task easy.   

We plan to add new products and collections regularly.  We also plan to share our learning experiences - so keep in touch.

Simply follow us to hear about the latest in home decor. You can find us on Houzz, Facebook and Pinterest.

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