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Autumn arrival 2019

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year ! After the heat of summer has passed, a change of season brings a breath of fresh air into our lives. Gives us a breather, a chance to stop for a moment and take in the beauty of what nature unfolds - right before our very eyes.

With hues of red orange and yellow appearing around every corner, it stirs a desire to make a change or two myself!  The crispness of air and the vibrancy of colour is invigorating !

And so I walk inside my home and see the opportunities that present themselves - cushions and throws to give some comfort while reading a favourite book on the couch. Maybe a corner refresh with a new vase, some flowers and an interesting decor piece. Or a new floor lamp to give that extra light whilst enjoying a cuppa and reading a favourite book......


                                5 TOP TIPS FOR AUTUMN DECOR

  • Bring in Mother Nature... Collect up some varying sizes of fallen branches with stunning colours of reds and yellow leaves to create a beautiful arrangement. Select freshly fallen ones for a lasting display, and use extra leaves to scatter down the centre of your table for a rustic look - add some pine cones too if you can find them!
  • Colour it up with cushions .....whether it be the bedroom or the living room, a splash of fresh colour will liven up the space. You will need to consider your current bedding and sofa colours of course, but wherever possible, choose warm and inviting browns, pinky reds and oranges, terracotta's and golds, with some touches of beige or natural for balance.
  • Layer with Throws....with such a vast array of throws available in every colour and material, we are spoilt for choice! Think wool for warmth (something hairy and light is beautifully warm) or chunky knits for texture and interest. Make sure there are a few available in your living room or you will miss out!
  • Rattan or grass baskets for storage....these are enormously popular at the moment, and not just for autumn either - they are a great fit all year round for attractively storage everything from toys to potted plants.
  • Lighten up ..... Use lighting to create some mood corners with table or floor lamps beside a comfy lounge or chair, allowing somewhere to retreat to at the end of a busy day - a space to kick off the shoes and recharge !

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