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Succulents - Funky, chunky....and trendy!

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When it comes to decorating with plant life, succulents are just amazing!  

Apart from creating a beautiful space with varying colours of green, they are so intriguing, different and ..quite simply bordering on ugly but delightfully fascinating at the same time.  Some are really meaty and fleshy while others are small and cute, with the ability to spill over the edge of pots and garden beds. 

And yes, they're still trendy.  Seen gracing the stands and sideboards in minimalist and modern decor settings, they'll be around for a while yet. They bring elements of nature into our homes, along with an aura of calm and solidity. Pair them with other materials of nature such as tin, terracotta, timber and leather.

Easy to keep, succulents don't require too much water, but they do like a small amount of sun. ie- don't keep them in the dark!  For an even easier version, go for good quality artificial ones - there's plenty of awful fake ones out there - take the time to find ones that are realistic and they'll give pleasure for years to come.

Succulents - the "just right" finishing touch.

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